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To Stay Single is GOOD :)

People think when a woman stays single at certain number of age, there’s something wrong with her.

I am very sure that this way of thinking is WRONG!!! WHY?

Because, in this world there’s no one correct ANSWER to this matter.
Why don’t they look and think in a different way, instead of that Unfair and OUT DATED way of thinking.

When they want to look further, they will see that Staying single is a lot better than marrying a WRONG Person. Women are precious so when a woman decided to stay in a man side. The man should feel lucky. WHY? Because that woman wants to dedicate herself to that man, so that woman deserved to be loved instead of being treated badly or regarded as second class.

Marrying the WRONG man means that a woman life will be miserable for good, until she decided to leave him or the man change which is nearly impossible.

Walking through this life by staying single is an advantage and there’s more opportunity to advance a woman life. A woman can live a happy single life of being independent. She will have full control over her own life. She does not have to worry of being scold or beaten by man who said that he is marrying her in the name of love but in fact he treats her like a property. She will have all of the time in her life for herself.

So, this is my message to all women out there, be happy and enjoy your single life. Don’t feel miserable; instead be thankful to GOD for being single and FREE.

I know that GOD loves you and I so much so that He never let us marrying the WRONG man. When the time has come and the Right man is available, I’m very sure that GOD will show us that Right man. After all to get married is to make a Godly family.

Who cares of not being able to have kids in women at certain age, after all we are living in a modern era where technology is in its advance stage, and with that technology it is not impossible not to give birth at certain age.

The main issue is that when a woman gives birth to a child, she should be more concerned if she would be able to give that child a decent family where the child would be able to grow up and be a good person in God’s standard.

So Women, never lower your standard in choosing the right man for you. In other words, never let yourself being fooled by the WRONG man.

Remember that you will be better off of being single rather to marry the WRONG man. Don’t let yourself being trap in an ugly marriage. Be wise by never believing in anything comes out from a man’s mouth but watch closely to what he does instead.


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